Servicing and Maintenance

Servicing and Maintenance at Sustain

At Sustain Heating, we prioritise the long-term performance and satisfaction of our customers, which is why we offer servicing for our heat pump installations. Surprisingly, many companies do not provide this service, but we believe that regular maintenance is essential for optimal operation and longevity.

In fact, we even offer servicing for heat pump installations done by other companies that don’t provide their own servicing. We understand the importance of keeping your system in excellent condition, and our experienced technicians are well-equipped to handle the servicing needs of various heat pump models.

During a typical servicing appointment, our technicians spend around an hour carefully attending to your heat pump. This includes cleaning several filters, checking glycol levels, servicing the cylinder, and conducting heat tests to ensure everything is functioning as it should. By completing these essential tasks, we help maintain the efficiency and reliability of your heat pump system.

It’s worth noting that regular servicing also helps preserve your warranty. We make it a point to inform the heat pump manufacturer once we have completed the annual service, ensuring that your warranty remains intact.

To make our services even more convenient and accessible, we will soon be introducing a Service Plan. This plan will allow you to spread the cost of servicing over the years by paying a monthly amount. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of regular servicing without worrying about a lump sum payment.

At Sustain Heating, we go the extra mile to provide comprehensive care for your heat pump system. Our servicing ensures that your investment continues to deliver optimal performance, energy efficiency, and peace of mind. Stay tuned for updates on our Service Plan as we strive to enhance our offerings and make servicing more convenient for our valued customers.

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