Battery Storage

What is Battery Storage?

We offer exceptional battery storage solutions that can greatly enhance both new and existing solar systems. 

With our batteries, you can store any excess energy generated by your solar array and conveniently use it in your home, especially during evenings or periods of low solar production. 

This helps you maintain a greater level of independence from the grid, ensuring a continuous and reliable power supply. 

Our batteries can be programmed to leverage low-cost tariffs, allowing you to charge them from the grid when electricity rates are at their lowest. 

This smart feature can make significant savings on your energy bills, maximising your investment. 

Embrace the power of battery storage and enjoy increased self-sufficiency, cost savings, and greater control over your energy usage.

Choosing the right battery storage system depends on personal preferences and cost considerations.

However, it’s crucial to consider your energy consumption patterns and when you typically use energy.

Another important factor to ponder is how you plan to charge the battery.

Will you have Solar PV to generate electricity, rely on charging directly from the grid, or perhaps use a combination of both?

If you’re a heavy energy user, it’s worth noting that night-time tariff rates are generally cheaper than daytime rates.

This presents an opportunity to maximise your savings by aggregating energy throughout the day.

To make the most of this, it’s essential to have sufficient battery storage capacity to last most of the day if you’ve taken advantage of the lower night-time rates.

Seeking good advice in this regard is paramount to ensure you make informed decisions.

By considering your energy needs, usage patterns, and potential cost savings through night-time tariffs, you can determine the appropriate battery storage solution that suits your requirements.

If your battery is fully charged and you still have excess energy that you can’t use, it will flow back to the grid.

This is beneficial as it helps decrease the reliance on energy produced by power stations of different types.

The great thing is that this exported energy can be measured, and you can often sell it back to the grid through your energy provider.

This program is called the Smart Export Guarantee payment (SEG), and it can be quite valuable.

The rates for selling your excess energy back to the grid may vary depending on your supplier and the specific tariff you’re on.

Typically, you can expect somewhere between 5p and 15p per kilowatt-hour (kWh) of energy exported.

It’s worth exploring this option as it not only contributes to a greener energy system but can also provide you with financial benefits.

The short answer is no, solar PV works effectively on its own, especially when someone is at home to utilise the generated electricity, such as running appliances like the washing machine or tumble dryer.

Batteries can also be used independently and offer significant advantages when taking advantage of low charging rates.

However, when solar PV and batteries are combined into a single system, the results are often remarkable.

Depending on the weather conditions, this combined setup can keep you off the grid for extended periods, providing astonishing levels of self-sufficiency.

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